Thursday, January 8, 2009

Notes from Day 4's reading

(I wrote this about a week and a half ago, I am not going to be posting like this anymore but since I already wrote this I am posting it now.)

On Day 4 I finished Joseph's story. It is such an amazing story!

Here are some of the things that especially stood out to me:

41:1 - Two years have past since Joseph asked the cup-bearer to remember him!

41:31 - The abundance of the previous years is forgotten because of the severity of the famine. Isn't this so very human! I do understanding that if you are starving the feast you had a month ago must seem a very distant memory. But this made me think about how all the blessing God has poured out on us seem to disappear when we face a serious trial. This sentence just really struck a note with me.

41:40b - Only with respect to the throne was Pharaoh greater than Joseph in Egypt!

42:5 - Josephs brothers are among those who must come before Joseph to purchase grain

42:7 - Joseph pretends to be a stranger. It is amazing that he is able to keep his composure! Even though he does weep later (v.24) he is still amazingly in control.

42:21 - Josephs brothers clearly remember Joseph's pleas for his life when they threw him in the, that is rather chilling, isn't it? To think of them listening to his cries, their own brother, and yet remaining unmoved. Yikes!

43:14 - Israel puts things in God's hands when his sons have to return to Egypt a second time and he fears for their life, and the life of Benjamin.

45:1-15 - Sweet forgiveness! What perspective Joseph has - was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you (v.5)

45:16-28 - And so God preserves Israel, and prospers him, in this time of famine.

47:7 - Jacob blesses Pharaoh...I wonder what Pharaoh thought of that.

50:19-21 - Joseph reassures his brothers of his forgiveness after their father dies - intended to harm me but God intended it for good...I will provide for you and your children.

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